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Our American Revolutionary War Patriots

Over two hundred years ago, American colonists, sacrificed their lives and fortunes.  American colonists in doing so left a legacy to the American people. 


Any woman 18 years or older who can prove lineal, bloodline descent from an ancestor who aided in achieving American independence is eligible to join the DAR. This means that your ancestor could have provided food for soldiers, served in the military, served their town as sheriff, or provided medical aid to the wounded.

Our chapter members have worked to document and prove the lineage to our American Revolutionary War Patriots - we would love to have you join us and add your ancestor to our list!

Please visit the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution How to Join page.

Compiled by Alicia Walters, chapter member in 2023.  Last updated 6/2023.

Thomas Adams MD CAPT

Bernard Albright PA PVT

Philip Atland PA PVT

Joshua Barnes MA PVT

Ulrich Barnhart PA SGT

Robert Beard VA PVT

John Bossart PA PVT

John Butler NY PVT

Daniel Carter NJ PVT

Gottleib Christian PA PVT

Frederick Clippinger PA PVT

Andrew Coon PA PVT

James Cox NJ LT

Robert Day MD PVT, PS

Gabriel Derr PA PVT

George Diehl PA PVT

Christopher Dimm PA LT

Peter Dinger PA PS

Andrew Duncan PA PVT

Peter Dunkel PA PVT, PS

Justus Dunn NJ PVT, PS

William Eddy PA PVT

Peter Eisenhower

William Elder MD PS

Jesse Ensworth CT PVT

Elias Eyster PA PVT

William Faris DE PS

Adam Faust PA PVT

Benjamin Fell PA PS, CS

Andrew Ferree/Ferry PA PVT

Philip Filbert PA CAPT

Samuel Filbert PA PS

Andrew Fogle MD PS

Casper Freeman PA PVT

John Freeman NJ PVT

Adam Fulmer PA PVT

Frederick Gelwicks PA PS

John Gemmill PA PVT

William Gemmill PA PVT

Jacob Gladden MD PS

John Glatfelder PA SGT, PS

Christian Ham PA PVT

Harry Harmon NC PS

Jacob Heffner PA PS

John Heneberger PA PVT

Emanuel Herman PA CAPT

George Hikes PA PVT

Joseph Hopson VA LT

Peter Hubbard SC LT

Bernard Huntzinger PA Berks Co. Militia

Jacob Immel PA PS

Sedwick James MD ENS, PA

Peter Keckler PA PVT

James Kilgore MA PVT

Philip Jacob King, Sr PA CAPT, CS, PS

Peter Koger VA PVT

George Kreps PA SGT

Frederick Leiby PA PS

Peter Leiss, Jr. PA PS

Peter Lobach PA PS

Joseph Manifold PA PVT

Joseph Mansfield MA PVT

David Mcanally VA ENS/SGT

Michael McGuire PA CAPT

John Mead PA PVT

Philip Miller PA PVT

James Millison PV PVT, PS

William Moore VA PS

Peter Muffly PA SOL, PS

John Myers PA PS

Mattheis Nafscar PA PS

Enoch Osborn VA CAPT, PS

George Michael Peters PA PVT

James Poteet, Jr. MD ENS

Reynier Quackenbush NY CAPT

Charles Reichard PA PVT

Elias Rettge PA PS

Zachariah Rice PA PVT, PS

William Rippey PA CAPT, PS

Russell Rose MA PVT

William Ross PA CS

John Rothrock PA LT

Christolph Schiesle PA PVT

Peter Seip PA PS

John Sell MD PVT

John Seward MD PVT

George Lewis Shaffer PA PVT, PS

Abraham Shelley PA PVT

Amasa Shumway MA CPL

Plikar Dederic Siler NC PS

William Simpson VA PVT

William Smith PA PS

Bernard Spangler PA PVT

Basil Spaulding MD PS

Henry Spaulding MD CS, PS, PVT

Peter Sprinkle PA PVT

P. Sohn Stewart MD PVT

Samuel Stinson MA PVT

George Stough PA PVT, PS

Peter Strayer PA PVT, PS

Thomas Street, Jr. MD PS

Thomas Street, Sr. MD PS

John Stroman PA PVT

James Stubbs MA PVT

John Traver PA PS, PVT

Wendel Trout PA PVT

Peter Troxell, Sr. PA PS

Simon Van Patten NY Albany Co Militia

Henry Vanderslice, Sr. PA CORPS, PS

Daniel Wagner PA PS

Nicholas Walter PA PVT

John Wetzel VA & PA CAPT

Cornelius Whittington SC & GA PVT

Sebastian Wise PA PS

Tucker Woodson VA PS

Andrew Woy PA PVT

Benjamin Wright NC PS

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